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Manhole Cover Lifters



Heavy manhole covers with blocked slots that refuse to budge? Make lifting manhole covers easy, safe and efficient.

Choose from a range of magnetic lifters with levers, hydraulic manhole lifter and accessories that help take the strain out of lifting manhole covers.

Benefits of using specialized manhole cover lifting equipment​​

Improve efficiency

Reduce risk of injury 

Help comply with international guidelines for manual lifting


Reduce cost

Easy to use and portable

Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifters

Magnetic manhole cover lifter , Italifters UAE
made in italy

The Italifters range of tools and accessories by DOA s.r.l (Italy)  is effective on a wide range of metallic covers and offer a light, compact, versatile and portable solution to lifting and repositioning manhole covers and grates. Inherent in its design are a number of significant advantages:

  • Magnetic lifters do not require a manhole lifting key, so no time is spent clearing dirt and compacted debris from the lifting slots 

  • There is no need to carry keys to fit every possible type of lifting slot 

  • The risks associated with ill-fitting keys is removed 

  • When the magnetic lifter is used in conjunction with the lifting lever, lifting effort is brought to a minimum, thus reducing the risk of injury. With the lever in total extension a man with weight 75 Kg can lift without effort 300 Kg

  • The use of lifting lever allows the employer to fulfil and reduce risks of accidents deriving from the manual handling of loads (as prescribed by ISO 11228-1 - 2 - 3, Ergonomics - Manual Handling) 

  • Magnetic lifters and trolleys are quick to deploy, easy to use and store, safe and extremely portable

  • Italifters also have a range of accessories that help lift non-metallic covers (concrete or paved)

CL10 Magnetic Lifter
CL10 Magnetic manhole cover lifter CL10 Italifters
APS 90 Wheeled Lifting Lever
APS90 Lifting lever / dolly for Magnetic manhole cover  Italifters
XT1 Nano Compact Magnetic Lifter
XT1 Compact Magnetic manhole cover lifter XT1 nano
PM500 Permanent Magnet
PM500 Permanent Magnetic manhole cover lifter PM500 Italifters
Magnetic Lifters
Italifter video

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifters

Whether your covers are metallic, block-paved, Gatic or split triangle, the  Handylift hydraulic manhole cover lifter can lift them quickly and safely, protecting operatives from back & finger injury and removing all physical strain from the lifting process. A single operator can remove and reposition even heavy covers with ease.

This hydraulic manhole cover lifter has a safe working load of 1.5 tonnes and, with the right selection of keys and spreaders, is capable of lifting all types of covers up to 900mm x 900mm keyspan. The Texas Hydraulic is a physically larger version of the lifter which can lift bigger covers up to 1200 x 1200mm keyspan. The Universal Spreader Bard supplied with the full set of the hydraulic manhole cover features jack bolts that can be used to free up stuck covers.

Used in major sites like Expo 2020, DWC Airport, Dubai Mall, Dubai Harbour, CityWalk Mall, Masdar City Centre etc. making the Handylift the must have tool in large sites with different types of manhole covers.

Proteus hydraulic manhole cover lifters UAE
Hydraulic Lifters

Mechanical Lifting Accessories

Whether you need to clear debris from a key slot, loosen a manhole cover, or lift a paved or concrete cover, we have the perfect accessory for it.

Set of Clamps
Clamps for manhole cover lifter

The set of 5 clamps come with different lug sizes to fit a variety of key slots. The clamps can be used with wheeled levers like the APS80/ APS90 for lifting and also with the ES1 screw extractor to free up stuck covers. For larger covers, 2 sets of clamps may be used with the BT95 + APS90 combination to make lifting easy and quick.

LB2 Cover Lifter Lever 
Italifters LB2 lifter lever

Practical lever for small to medium size covers. Can also be used in pairs to share the load between operators.

LB4 Nail Type Cover Lifter Lever 
Italifters LB2 lifter lever

Practical and versatile tool designed to hook, lift and move all types of manhole covers, drains and grids. Maintenance for water, gas, sewers, telecommunications.

T3 Poly Tool
Multi purpose key for manhole over lifter

T3 POLY TOOL is a clever multi purpose implement designed with a drill bit, scraper, and key to clear debris from key slots and even lift light covers by hand ! Quick and easy to use.


STUCK manhole cover? NO problem!

MZ 120 Sliding Hammer
MZ120 Hammer to loosen manhole cover

Practical and versatile tool designed to ease the removal of manhole covers  that are stuck due to rust, ice, stones, asphalt incrustations or inactivity. MZ120 offers ergonomic operation while standing up removing the risk of  possible chippings / splinters striking the operator's face. 

ES1 Screw Extractor to free stuck manhole covers 
ES1 stuck manhole cover extractor

Covers often get stuck due to inactivity, rust, dirt, encrustation or deformation. Hammering the cover may cause breakage and increase risk of splintering or sparking. When used with a Italifters clamp, the ES1 screw extractor when used with the appropriate clamp (refer set of clamps above) produces an upward force that will easily break the incrustations and allow the cover to be lifted easily. (Set of clamps to be bought separately).

Stuck covers
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