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Compressed Air / Vortex Tube / PAC

Compressed air / Vortex tube based cooling system utilizes a vortex tube or Personal Air Conditioner (PAC) tube that generates cold air and a vest with perforated tubes to diffuse the cold air over the worker’s torso. The PAC spins the supplied compressed air in a high-speed vortex, separating it into hot and cold air streams. The cold air is directed towards the vest and the hot air is vented out. Inside the vest, the cold air is circulated over the torso through specially designed perforated piping, providing a cooling effect to the wearer. This vortex cooling system offers continuous and consistent cooling as long as the PAC is connected to the air compressor. A temperature differential of up to 40 °C may be expected (Test condition with 35 °C ambient air temperature, 4 bar incoming air pressure, 400 LPM air consumption). The vest remains tethered to the compressor through an air hose (recommended diameter 8 or 11 mm & min air pressure of 4 bar). The compressed air cooling system, featuring a vortex air cooling mechanism, ensures effective temperature management for workers in demanding environments.

PAC or vortex tube based cooling vests can provide continuous and consistent cooling which is not possible with evaporative or PCM vests. They also are a perfect alternative for use where in workshops or warehouses where air conditioning is not an option. Vortex tube / PAC technology also helps reduce non productive cooling breaks in hot work areas near furnaces, smelters etc.

  • Welding Operations

  • Shipyards

  • Sand Blasting

  • Workshops

  • Power Plants

  • Boiler rooms

  • Metal Industries

  • Casting / Forging shops

  • Mines 

  • Smelters

  • Foundries

  • Steel Mills

  • HAZMAT Operations

  • Warehouses without air conditioning

PAC with vests

When you need a cooling vest that works in high humidity, low air flow areas, can work under heavy protective gear and offer continuous and consistent cooling, Vortex tube / PAC that works with compressed air is the way to go. These cooling vests are great for shipyards, metal industries, workshops etc. Often referred to as "Welder's vest", these vests provide cooling as long as compressed air supply is available.

Kyoungdo compressed air cooling vest

Air in   

Kyoungdo KD-A7001 tube + KD-A700A half body vest



KD-A7001 vortex tube


KD-A700A vest



Vortex tube / PAC Technology

Kyoungdo compressed air cooling vest full body

Air in   

Kyoungdo KD-A7001 tube + KD-A700B full  body vest w/ leg loop



KD-A7001 vortex tube


KD-A700B vest with leg loop



Vortex tube / PAC Technology

Kyoungo VORTEX tube /PAC

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Kyoungdo KD-A7001 tube 

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