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FR Cooling Products

FR cooling products are available in Evaporative  or PCM technologies. Evaporative Cooling Technology utilises the power of evaporating water to keep you several degrees cooler than ambient temperature (*Requires airflow & best suited for low humidity conditions). This is usually achieved through the use of  polymer embedded cooling fabric (Hyperkewl™). These products are to be worn as the outer-most layer such that air can flow freely over them.

Phase Change Materials (PCM) are substances which absorb or release a large amount of "latent heat" when they go through a change in physical state ie., from solid to liquid or vice versa. During this change of phase, their temperature remains constant. This property of PCM is utilised in personal cooling products to offer constant temperature cooling. PCM technology works in high or low humidity situations and requires no air flow.


The product range includes cooling vests, hard hat accessories and cooling neck bands. We offer FR heat stress management vests and accessories from manufacturers like Occunomix International (Miracool®, Miracool Phase Change®) and Techniche International (Hyperkewl™, CoolPax™).

Occunomix UAE, Dubai
Techniche cooling vest

FR Products (PCM)

Hot weather can take its toll on outdoor workers. We offer a range of PCM vests that are perfect for use under heavy PPE or in areas with high humidity and/ or low air flow. Perfect for workers in construction, police & military, oil & gas, aviation, facilities management, manufacturing, ports & dry docks, marine, fire fighting & other first responders, heath & fitness, sports and recreation etc.

Techniche 6626 N Nomex FR cooling vest

Techniche  6626-N




COOLPAX Technology

Techniche 6626-N

Occunomix PC-VV-FRNB FR cooling vest






Miracool Phase Change Technology

Occunomix PC-VVFR-NB 

Occunomix PC1 FR cooling vest







Phase Change


Occunomix PC1


FR Products (Evaporative) 

Evaporative cooling products offer a quick and easy means to stay cool and comfortable on the job. Choose from a range of vests, headgear and neck bands.

Techniche 6529-FR cooling vest



FR Cooling vest



Hyperkewl Plus Technology

Techniche 6529-FR Vest

Occunomix 6522-FR beanie

Techniche 6522-FR Beanie




Hyperkewl PLUS  technology

Techniche 6525-FR neck shade




FR Neck shade

Hyperkewl Plus  technology

Techniche 6525-FR Neck shade

Occunomix 940-FR cooling neck band






Miracool Crystal 

Cooling Technology

Occunomix 940-FR Neck band

Occunomix 969-FR11 Neck shade




Neck Shade

Miracool Crystal

Cooling technology

Occunomix 969-FR neck shade

FR (Evaporative)
Other FR Products

Other FR products

Occunomix TNG-FR gaiter





6 oz. Modacrylic/Tencel/Spandex Jersey Knit

 Nomex® thread

Occunomix TNG-FR Gaiter

Occunomix SF320 FR hinged balaclava




ASTM F1506 – NFPA70E

CAT 2 11.6 ATPV

Occunomix SFR320 Balaclava  

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