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Hi Visibility Clothing

Stay visible on the job with hi visibility clothing or hi-visibility workwear and accessories. Some of them even serve the tripple purpose of cooling, sun protection and high visibility! Be sure to check out our range of GLOW IN THE DARK   vests.


The product range includes cooling vest for workers, hi-visibility workwear, safety vests, hard hat accessories, cooling towels, cooling neck bands, Cooling safety vest, cooling hats, cooling Jacket, cooling neck gaiters, arm sleeves, helmets, tool lanyards, work shelters, industrial umbrellas, gear bags, etc. Product manufacturers include Ergodyne (Chill-its®, Glowear®, Proflex®, Skullerz®, Squids®, SHAX®, Arsenal®, N-Ferno®), Occunomix International (Miracool®, Tuff & Dry®, Terry Toppers®, Tough Nougies®), Techniche International (Hyperkewl™, Hyperkewl Plus™, Kewl Towel™, CoolPAX™), Inuteq (INUTEQ DRY®, INUTEQ H2O®, INUTEQ PVA®, INUTEQ QCK®), VIZLITE DT - Alpha Workwear Glow in the dark hi-visibility apparel, FlexiFreeze (US). The range also emphasizes the importance of hi-visibility workwear for ensuring safety in various industrial environments.

Occunomix UAE, Dubai
Techniche International UAE
VizLite DT glow in  the dark
Inuteq cooling vests Dubai
Ergodyne vest tool lanyard dubai
Safey vest & accesories

Hi Vis Safety Vests & Cooling Accessories

Stay visible at all times with our range of hi vis vests and cooling accessories. Choose from cooling caps, cooling skull caps and cooling bandanas or neck gaiters. Sun protection and cooling on the go! Our Cooling safety vest have the right amount of mesh and solid fabric to balance breathability and durability

A typical high visibility garment (with fluorescent fabric and reflective tapes) offers daytime and nighttime visibility. In the day, the bright colored fluorescent fabric of a hi vis vest keeps users visible. At night, silver retro-reflective tape on a hi vis vest kicks in by reflecting light back to its source (car headlights, for example). When no light source is available, both the silver reflective and the fluorescent fabric are invisible. Here's where VizLite DT technology offers a solution!


The patented VizLite DT tape utilizes innovative phosphorescence technology to solve this low-light problem by creating a vest that "glows" in the dark !  Just charge the vest under sunlight or fluorescent lamps for 5-10 mins for upto 8 hours of "glow". No need for batteries or any external power sources like the LED based hi visibility vests. Perfect for industries like mining, construction, airports, public works, emergency services etc.

Glow in the dark vest
Freedom Surveyor safety vest

Mesh Surveyor Vest


Multi pocket

Zipper closure

Deep armholes

Freedom FVSZY Mesh 
Surveyor Vest

Glow in the dark vest A220

VizLite - DT Glow in the dark Hi vis Safety vest 

Glow in the dark vest
Freedom FVBZY Basic Hi Vis Vest

Freedom FVBZY Mesh Basic Vest



Mesh Basic Vest


Multi pocket

Zipper closure

Deep armholes

Occunomix Tuff & Dry TD400 Cooling towel

Occunomix TD400 Cooling Towel



TD400 Occunomix Cooling Towel

Tuff & Dry

Wicking & Cooling technology with 


Occunomix TD200 Cooling Skull cap

Occunomix TD200 Cooling Skull cap



Tuff & Dry

Wicking & Cooling technology with 


Occunomix Miracool PVA neck band 938

Occunomix Miracool PVA 938


Miracool PVA

neck band 938

Miracool PVA Cooling technology

Cooling vests - Hi vis

Stay cool and visible on the job with our range of cooling vests. Evaporative cooling  vests are super easy to activate, light weight and economical while PCM vests offer constant temperature cooling even in high humidity conditions. Whether you are looking for ANSI / ISO EN20471 compliant or just something in hi visibility material, we sure have one for you. 

Occunomix 904Y ANSI Class 2 vest

Occunomix 904 ANSI Class II vest

Occunomix Miracool PLUS ANSI Class II vest




Xyloble JC-1033

XYLO JC-1033 PCM Safety Vest


XYLO PCM Safety Vest



Gyro Ice PCM Technology

Techniche 6529+ Sports Vest







6529 Techniche vest Hyperkewl
6529EU Techniche vest



6529EU Lite Zipper vest 



Techniche 6529EU Lite

Techniche 6550T Overhead Vest HyperKewl


PullOver Vest

w/ tie closure




Techniche 6550T Pullover

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6668 Hi-Vis Vest dubai

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6668 Vest

Chill-Its Hi Vis Evaporative Cooling Vest



Ergodyne Chill-Its Hi Vis Polymer Embedded Vest

Inuteq BodyCool SMART dry vest


BodyCool SMART



Inuteq DRY  Technology


Techniche 6538 ISO20471 safety vest

Techniche 6538 EN/ISO20471 vest



Hyperkewl Plus Technology

INUTEQ BodyCool 2B Safe

Occunomix HPK-902 Pullover



HPK-902 Pullover vest w/ buckle closure



Occunomix HPK-902 Pullover

Techniche CoolPAX 6626HV PCM cooling vest




6626HV PCM Vest



COOLPAX Technology

Techniche 6626HV PCM Vest

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Vest dubai

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Vest

Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Vest



Ergodyne Chill-Its Polymer Embedded Cooling Vest

Inuteq BodyCool Basic cooling vest



BodyCool BASIC



Inuteq H2O Technology

Jackets & Vests
Hardhat accessories

Hardhat accessories

Keep your cool & stay visible with our range of  hardhat accessories. Choose from crown coolers and cooling neck shades. Just wet to activate!

Techniche 6535 Hyperkewl crown cooler Neck shade


6535 Crown Cooler w/neck shade


Hyperkewl PLUS 

Cooling Technology

Techniche 6535
Crown & Neck Cooler

Inuteq NeckCool Helmet Basic

NeckCool Helmet Basic




Inuteq  NeckCool Helmet Basic

Inuteq HeadCool Helmet Basic

Inuteq HeadCool Helmet Basic

HeadCool Helmet Basic



Occunomix TD800 Gaiter


Cooling Gaiter


Tuff & Dry 

Wicking & Cooling technology with Coolcore®

Occunomix TD800 Gaiter

Occunomix 899 Helmet brim w/neck shade


Helmet brim with neck shade


Wide brim for all around protection

Occunomix 899 Helmet brim with neck shade
Techniche 6525 Hyperkewl Neck shade



6525 Neck shade

Hyperkewl Plus technology

Techniche 6525 neck shade

Helmet brim with mesh neck shade

Helmet brim with neck shade



Hardhat Brim w/ neck shade

Sun protection

Occunomix 971 helmet neck shade


Helmet Neck Shade


Compatible with most hardhats

Occunomix 971 Helmet neck shade

Occunomix TD200 Cooling skull cap



Tuff & Dry

Wicking & Cooling technology with 


Occunomix TD200 Cooling Skull cap

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