Sun Protection Accessories

We often spend hours in the sun assuming that the sunscreen lotion we slathered on is enough to prevent the sun's harmful UV rays from getting to us. In reality, sunscreen lotions may offer limited protection due to excessive sweating and the need for constant re-application. They also make your hands greasy which may not be ideal if you need to work with tools or are playing a round of golf. 


What then is the solution? Sun protection accessories

They form a physical barrier between the sun and your skin. Unlike sunscreen lotions, once on, they stay on and provide continuous protection even after sweating.


Not all sunsafe clothing is created alike. Be sure to choose third party certified UPF 50+ rated accessories for maximum protection. Check out our collection of Coolstory armsleeves, sun masks, neck shades and pop up tents

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Polyester Baseball Cap
Summer Cap with Neck Flap
Hardhat Brim n Shade
Mesh Helmet Neck Shade
Occunomix 899 Stow Away hardhat brim with neck shade
Occunomix OK-5057009 Hi visibility mesh Helmet shade
Sun Hat With Neck Shade
Summer Balaclava