Personal Cooling Technologies

Heat stress is known to cause mental fatigue and physical exhaustion, increase reaction times and lower productivity and morale. Heavy, impermeable safety gear can increase thermal distress. If left unchecked, heat stress can be deadly. At Techniche, we bring you the best solutions to manage heat stress and keep your personnel safe, comfortable and productive all year round.


There are multiple cooling technologies available to you


Evaporative Cooling Technology utilises the power of evaporating water to keep you several degrees cooler than ambient temperature (*Requires airflow & best suited for low humidity conditions). This is usually achieved through the use of polymer crystals (Miracool® Crystals), polymer crystal embedded cooling fabric (Hyperkewl™, Inuteq H2O®), Chemical- Free Cooling™ fabrics (Coolcore®, Inuteq QCK®, Softcool Extreme™ ), super absorbent PVA material (Miracool® PVA, KEWL Towel™, Inuteq PVA®, Advanced Arctic™) or dry evaporative cooling technology (Inuteq DRY®).


Phase Change Material (PCM) based cooling involves the use of frozen inserts that keep the wearer at a constant temperature for upto 3 hours. Different PCM materials (CoolPAX™, Inuteq PAC®, Miracool® Phase Change) cool at different temperatures and may be paraffin or bio-based. Inserts set at 6.5°C / 15°C / 21°C / 24°C / 29°C are available. Higher temperature inserts typically tend to last longer. PCM products work well in high humidity conditions with little or no airflow. This makes them perfect for wearing under heavy protective gear, HAZMAT suits, FR clothing etc.

Compressed air / Vortex tube based cooling vests consist of a cooling tube or Personal Air Conditioner (PAC) tube that generates cold air and a vest with perforated tubes to diffuse the cold air over the worker’s torso. The PAC spins the supplied compressed air, separating it into hot and cold air streams. The cold air is directed to the vest and the hot air is vented out. Inside the vest, the cold air is circulated over the torso through perforated piping, providing a cooling effect to the wearer. This technology offers continuous and consistent cooling as long as the PAC is connected to the air compressor. Temperature differential of upto 40 °C maybe expected.

Fan cooling technology utilises a  light-weight fan that will blow air over the body to help vapourize sweat and aid cooling in hot and humid weather. ZIPPKOOL® uses a non air permeable fabric to maintain the airflow close to the body and super light-weight fans running on rechargeable Li-ion batteries transferring upto 12.8 gallons of air per minute.

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The cooling product range includes cooling vests, hard hat accessories, cooling towels, cooling neck bands, cooling caps as well as products for pets and horses. Whether you are working, playing or exercising outdoors our personal cooling products can help up your comfort and performance levels.

We offer heat stress management vests and accessories from manufacturers like Occunomix International (Miracool®, Tuff & Dry®, Terry Toppers®, Tough Nougies®), Techniche International (Hyperkewl™, CoolPax™, Kewl Towel™), Inuteq (INUTEQ DRY® , INUTEQ H2O®, INUTEQ PVA®, INUTEQ PAC®, INUTEQ QCK®), RADIANS Arctic RADWEAR (Advanced Arctic™ , RADCOOL™), KYOUNGDO, ZIPPKOOL and CoolFCA among others.

Product Benefits


  • Improve thermal comfort & morale

  • Increase productivity 

  • Improve concentration & focus

  • Reduce heat stress related incidents

  • Quicker recovery time

Choose from the following cooling technologies