Heat Stress Management

Heat stress is known to cause mental fatigue and physical exhaustion, increase reaction times and lower productivity and morale. Heavy, impermeable safety gear can make matters worse. If left unchecked, heat stress can be deadly. At Techniche, we bring you the best solutions to manage heat stress from the leading manufacturers like Techniche International(USA), Occunomix (USA) etc.


There are two main cooling technologies in use. Evaporative Cooling Technology utilises the power of evaporating water to keep you several degrees cooler than ambient temperature (*Requires airflow). This is usually through the use of polymer crystals, polymer crystal embedded cooling fabric (Hyperkewl™), Chemical- Free Cooling™ fabric or through super absorbent PVA material.


Phase Change Material (PCM) based cooling involves the use of frozen inserts that keep the wearer at a constant 14 deg C / 18 deg C for upto 3 hours. Different PCM materials cool at different temperatures.


The product range includes cooling vests, hard hat accessories, cooling towel, cooling neck bands, cooling caps as well as cooling vests for dogs, cooling blankets for horses etc. Whether you are working, playing or exercising outdoors our personal cooling products can help up your comfort and performance levels.

We offer heat stress management vests and accessories from manufacturers like Occunomix International (Miracool®, Tuff & Dry®, Terry Toppers®, Tough Nougies®), Techniche International (Hyperkewl™, CoolPax™, Kewl Towel™), Inuteq (INUTEQ DRY® , INUTEQ H2O®, INUTEQ PVA®, INUTEQ PAC®, INUTEQ QCK®), RADIANS Arctic RADWEAR (Advanced Arctic™ , RADCOOL™) and CoolFCA among others.


Occunomix UAE, Dubai
Techniche cooling vest
Product Benefits


  • Improve thermal comfort & morale

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce heat stress related incidents

jackets & vests

Hot weather can take its toll on outdoor workers and athletes. We offer a range of cooling vests for every outdoor activity - cooling vests for workers in construction, police & military, oil & gas, aviation, facilities management, manufacturing, ports & dry docks, marine, fire fighting & other first responders, heath & fitness, sports and recreation etc. Choose from lightweight evaporative cooling vests for sports, cooling safety vest for construction workers or PCM vests for fire fighters and HAZMAT workers.

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