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Cooling vests, cooling towels, arm sleeves, sun masks, summer hats &  more


Heat Stress Management

Outdoor work & sports can be punishing due to the scorching sun and rising humidity levels. We bring you a simple & innovative product to beat the heat - Cooling apparel from Techniche International (USA). The range includes cooling vests, cooling towels & neck bands, cooling caps & hardhat accessories etc.


For athletes there are light weight cooling vests and caps for all kinds of outdoor sports.Whats more, we have cooling vests and mats for your pets and horses too !

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UV Protection

Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world and exposure to UV radiation is the primary cause. Our third party certified UPF 50+ sun protection range is specially designed to provide you the best protection out there from the harmful UV rays. The range includes UPF 50+ arm sleeves, summer hats, helmet brim & neck shades and our best selling 360 degree sun masks.

We are also expanding into pop up portable shade structures and umbrellas for the workplace.

Manhole Cover Lifters

Manual lifting of manhole and drainage covers can pose a significant risk of injury to operators. However, this is still a very common practice.

There are a range of magnetic and hydraulic manhole cover lifters and  accessories available to help operators safely and efficiently manoeuvre  manhole and drainage covers.

Cast iron, paved, split triangle or gatic covers, we have the right lifter for you!

Italifters, Proteus, manholecover lifter


Safety gear, apart from being of safe design and construction should also appeal to the user in terms of style, fit, ease of use and comfort. Uncomfortable PPE can lead to non-compliance posing a serious risk to worker health and safety.


At TECHNICHE we believe that exceptional protective gear works hard to keep the user safe without compromising on comfort. Our focus hence is on supplying products that offer the right balance of safety, comfort, fit, ease of use and style to deliver an unparalleled user experience.


We bring you the best solutions out there to combat heat stress and UV radiation in the challenging middle eastern weather, from our base in Dubai,UAE. We also supply magnetic and hydraulic manhole cover lifters.

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