Sourcing Services

Sometimes, as a safety manager, you trust a brand or a product that is unfortunately not available in your region. Or you may have an idea for a product or solution that you would like to pursue further.  Either way, we can be of service. 


Be it glow in the dark hard hats,  breathable workwear or firefighter rehab kit, we can help. We have a wide network of suppliers whom we can tap for new and innovative products suitable for task and compatible with the weather conditions.

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter
Hydraulic Manhole cover lifter uae dubai

Quite often in manhole related operations, additional manpower is required simply to assist in lifting and removing manhole covers.The hydraulic manhole cover lifter solves this problem. It can be easily operated by a single person. With the right selection of keys and accessories, it is capable of lifting virtually any cover with key- holes, including single piece sewer covers, split ‘double-triangle’ covers, block-paved covers with four keyholes, and Elkington Gatic covers. The standard model is capable of lifting covers up 900 x 900mm. Other models can lift covers of upto 1200 X1200mm.

This is just an example of product we have helped source for our clients.